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Welcome Friends! ❤

The roar of municipal snow removal equipment is upon us!

The 2017 winter snow season is officially underway!!

Thankfully, crews made roads a bit safer this afternoon for everyone returning home from work.  A snow storm descended here early this morning, snowed through the day, dumping about 15cm of heavy snow – with more coming through the evening hours, tapering off near midnight. Uusimaa is covered in SNOW!!!


Vanha Talo Suomi is ‘winter white’ perfection at the moment – I cleared heavy snow from tender branches of our younger trees & shrubs once this afternoon – but 2 hours later – it doesn’t look like it!  Snow was coming hot & heavy for hours, much lighter now. WHEW!!

Finnish weather is sure something! We’ve had a severe case of ‘strange‘ most of November, and now December is looking quite the same. FMI reports: here and here . There was plenty of snow in November, but it was then followed by intermittent periods of warm weather ,which eventually brought us back to + temps and green grass! There’s rain likely tomorrow, which should make our present snowfall a real mess for commuters through the week. Looks lovely though!

On snowy days, Greta prefers a comfy chair to sleep the day away…or can be found perched high over-looking the stairs and ME! She does NOT like going out in the snow!!!

The other day she jumped on Pekka’s lap and sought out the tiny sliver of space that remained.



All is well here! We are definitely in the holiday spirit!

Our Christmas cookies are baked & ready to eat (some sent to far-away places,) the tree is up and this year we decorated a large spruce tree outside with hundreds of white lights. Pretty!

Here are some of the traditional German Christmas cookies I make – Lebkuchen, Springerle, and Pfeffernusse. The Pfeffernusse is to die-for!! You can get the recipe here.


Between all the nibbling and decorating – we honestly haven’t done too much of anything since December arrived.  I did add 5 more peonies mid-November during one of our warmer periods. The supplier in Holland had deals I just couldn’t pass up!  Can’t wait to see them next spring 🙂

We spent many days in November chipping up remaining piles of sticks and sorting the larger bits into stacks which can be cut up for firewood. Still a lot of work to do out there getting the timber situation sorted! We also retrieved a lot of old stones from the farmer’s fields hauled out over the last few decades – looks like we won’t be running out of stones & boulders any time soon.

Our page link, Specimen List at top of the Vanha Talo Suomi main page has been updated to reflect nearly everything planted.  It’s amazing to think of all those plants, trees and shrubs and we’re fortunate enough to have them all growing here in our gardens! Wow!  We’re anxious to hear what YOU think!

Time sure flies! Pretty soon it will be Christmas Day – then the New Year will rolling right in soon after!  Wishing everyone a safe & Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2018!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Best wishes for love, happiness, success, & health in the New Year ahead!

Until next time, ❤ Vanha Talo Suomi!