Last Frost Date and Finland Hardiness Zone Maps

This first color coded map is what is used most commonly in Finland to determine where in the country plants will perform best. The map below uses a different numbering system than what you’d see used in the USA, for example. PlantsMap is a wonderful resource – you can find your zone HERE


Knowing when the last frost date occurs is highly important for anyone farming, gardening and planting in the soil. Lohja is located in Zone 13 – which corresponds to a May 11 – May 20 last frost date, according to PlantsMap Data

Click HERE to activate an interactive map of last frost dates throughout Finland

The PlantsMap Hardiness Zones of Finland in CELSIUS. Lohja is considered to be 6a -23.3C to -20.5C

click HERE to activate an interactive map of Finnish hardiness zones – it looks like the following picture