Golden Showers in southern Finland


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Hi there!

We’ve been enjoying a brief period of warmer weather here in Uusimaa (southern Finland,) but today looks to be the last day of it as cooler temps tomorrow are looming in the forecast. Last weekend was spectacular and we were hustling to get beds enlarged and others cleaned up for next spring. Luckily, I was able to cut the grass, also picking up a few fallen leaves with the lawnmower. The grass was long and still very damp, but it got bagged up and put on the compost pile – thank you Pekka! Now everything is looking pretty darned good.  There’s a pretty good layer of fallen leaves within the large back border with only a few spilling out into the grass – watching the leaves falling like a GOLDEN SHOWER – *NOT* that kind of golden shower!! The trees are about 60% bare at this point and many are a *delicious* golden-yellow. It’s been a wonderful year for leaf color!


I’ve tallied up the new spring bulbs – 335 to get planted once we get a frost. Not sure if that’s more or less than last year – either way it’s easier to pop them in bags and bring them home than it is to find places to plant them! Several repeats we already have from previous years, but this year we’re adding a few different tulip types: ‘Ronaldo,’ ‘Antraceit,’ ‘Queen of Marvel,’ and ‘Snow Crystal.’  Photos next year!

In addition to spring bulbs, our order for roses has been placed with David Austin Roses in Shropshire, UK and we’re looking forward to the arrival next April of 14 new shrub & climbing roses. We’re also going to use a mass planting of Kew Gardens for a small hedge around the area we made this summer.


We’ve worked and slightly re-worked this area and now have an area cleared for the rose hedge – just this side of the where the hose is laying in the photo. The winding bed wraps along that gravel edge and curves out of view to the left to hook up with another small raised rock/boulder rose bed. We spent a lot of time enjoying this new area once the bench was there. It’s quite lovely and I think for many people it would become a favorite place to sit, relax and enjoy the sights & sounds of nature.   It is going to really be stunning I think with the addition of the rose hedge! I may not ever want to leave this little courtyard!

Following are the roses from this autumn’s order selection – which eliminates a  specimen gap within the Portland Group, still would be nice to locate another nice Bourbon.

2019 additions:

With the leaves falling in greater frequency it doesn’t seem like it will be much longer before all the trees are completely bare.  The morning dew and autumn rainfalls have produced a bountiful mushroom crop this year – which is taken quite seriously by industrious forest mushroom gatherers. Finland’s Everyman’s Right law allows the legal tresspassing onto other people’s property to forage for berries & mushrooms, etc. Please read about it HERE.

We tend to just notice & enjoy what pops up in our own yard though 🙂

Watch a video of mushroom hunting HERE


Aside from mushrooms & falling leaves, the garden still has much to offer. Several roses are busy at work putting out flowers which is pretty incredible considering the rain & darker days. Yippee. Here is the golden-yellow of our Peace rose. The flower is larger than the shrub!


Not to say that everything is golden-yellow. Finns refer to this time of year as Ruska read more about it HERE


The Japanese maple above – Shaina is a fiery red and is a real stand out especially at this time of year! You can learn more about this variety of tree HERE

While she is still quite happy with her outings, despite damp & darkening conditions – Greta is often found taking a nap in the lounger!


I think I’d like to take a nap in the lounger too! Maybe that’s what I’ll do next – if only I didn’t have other things to do!

We are good & happy and hope you are too!

Until next time – ❤