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Hello Friends!

Generally, we are finished gardening for the year, except for a few watering tasks until any rain that might arrive finally shows up. Over the last couple of weeks, we did tuck in a few perennial plants picked up at late summer garden fairs and through purchases from local nurseries of their discounted/must go items.

Pekka realizing that some of the bed borders and their adjoining pathways were irregularly spaced, decided to bring all the pathways to the same approximate width. This required a lot of edging removal and repositioning as the sod was eliminated to bring pathways to equal width. A lot of work which also netted a slight gain on actual bed sizes. Overall, all the pathways are now equally wide and uniform. We never did get but the one load of mulch this year, so there is that to look forward to next year. Mucho mucho mulcho!!

It has continued to be extremely dry here. Scattered rain has reached a few places throughout the country, but I think overall, Finland is a bit parched at the moment. There is rain on the horizon, with showers possibly arriving late Tuesday or Wednesday. How much we’ll actually pick up is a wait and see game. I hope it’s a deluge, as that is what it will take to quench everything nicely. Temps yesterday were delightful, 18c -which is warm enough in the sunshine, but cool in the shade. The sun is sliding down on the horizon quite noticeably now as we continue to lose a few minutes of daylight each day. All in all, I’d say this gardening year has been another weird and crazy Finnish weather season.

But still thriving and looking wonderful despite hot and dry conditions are the new perennials within the Gem Border. I have become a right fan of the Verbena Bonariensis especially, and the Liatris Spicata which joined in the display. They have bloomed continuously for months! I can tell you the butterflies have been enamored the entire time too! I will likely add more of these plants throughout the big border area next year because they are totally no-fuss plants that just deliver month after month, all summer long. You cannot go wrong with these 🙂

One of the highlights of the year has been attending the wedding of Pekka’s son, Waltteri. The wedding ceremony was performed within the garden of an historic estate & mansion near Turku amongst an apple orchard laden with fruit and skies of deep blue, with the reception taking place inside the lovely old mansion. Here we are, Mrs. yours truly and Mr. yours truly! :DDD

Earlier in August, Pekka competed in a shotput track & field event and came in second place. The latest excitement around here was having two heat pumps installed. The installers were pretty good about everything and didn’t leave behind much of a mess, thankfully. While the work was underway, though, it was mayhem. Now we have a unit for both upstairs and downstairs. We’re hoping, with the energy use reduction, we can avoid the severity of extremely expensive heating bills this winter. So many other people around the world are also facing increased expenses for heating & cooling – how are you coping?? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

One aspect of the arrival of autumn has been the sight of powdery mildew on plant leaves. I have been concerned over the years, but after finding this recent article, I thought it wise to share this with you in case you also have noticed this in your garden and were worried it was hurting your beloved trees and plants. Quick take: it doesn’t!

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Late-Season Powdery Mildew: Not Such a Big Problem! — Laidback Gardener

And to wrap things up – Greta – she always finds time for a catnap 🙂

That’s it folks! Until next time friends, please stay well ❤