Rose Gardens of Vanha Talo Suomi

Hello and Welcome! List contains cultivar names including hyperlinks. Clicking the hyperlink will open a photo of that rose within our collection. In some cases, we have several of a particular cultivar. Enjoy!

Alba/Alba Hybrid


Climbers – Bourbon

Canadian Artist Series

Canadian Explorer Series

Climbers – Canadian Explorer Series

Canadian Parkland Series



English Leander/Leander Hybrid

Climbers – English Leander/Leander Hybrid

English Musk/Musk Hybrid

Climbers – English Musk/Musk Hybrid

English Old Rose/Hybrid


Climbers – Floribunda



Ground Cover


Hybrid/Hybrid Tea/Hybrid Perpetual

Climbers/Ramblers – Hybrid/Hybrid Tea

Miscellaneous Rose

Climbers – Miscellaneous Rose

Nostalgia/Heirloom Roses




Rugosa Group


7 thoughts on “Rose Gardens of Vanha Talo Suomi”

  1. Heidi said:

    That’s an impressive list of roses! What has your experience been with “Stanwell Perpetual” and “Felicite Parmentier”? Those are two I’d love to grow here in Keski-Suomi but have been unsure of their ability to overwinter. Would you mind sharing how you overwinter your roses? Thanks!

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    • Hello Heidi,
      Thank you for visiting our site!
      Stanwell Perpetual and Felicitie parmentier are both new arrivals this spring. I am confident they will perform well here and look forward to their contribution among the collection we’ve assembled.
      Despite a preponderance of English roses from my initial years of building the collection, we’ve since added several cold hardy rose species. Of them are several among the Canadian Series along with other Scandinavian varieties which have taken our interest.
      We don’t do much regarding overwintering, except in a few instances we took some extra precautions last year. Using heavy winter gardening fabric, we bundled several items throughout the garden just to be on the safe side.
      As for roses, all have survived through at least one winter, several dozen roses have been here more than 2 winters already.
      On the whole, we’ve been very fortunate. We have a very slim rate of failure, and that’s due mostly to choosing specimens which are climatically appropriate to our region.
      We’ll be participating in Avoimet Puutarha this July. Should you wish to take a look around, you’ll be able to do so then. Tervetuloa!


  2. Linda Grey-Martin said:

    Hello from Calgary, on Fine Gardening’s GPOD you asked about the names of the roses… here you go.
    Morden Snowbeauty (which I see on your list)
    Parkland Series Winnipeg Parks (vibrant pink and blooms to frost) A must in every garden.
    OsoEasy Paprika (small but nice bright blooms)
    Another that is not in the pictures that is lovely and a good bloomer is Vineland’s 49th Parallel Collection called Chinook Sunrise.
    These are obviously all shrub roses as better in our Chinook climate.
    You garden looks spectacular!

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