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Hello there friends!

We’re mid-way through October which means we’re getting all our last minute tasks done to button up the garden for the 2017 growing season.  The next couple of days look to be the last ones for half-decent weather before colder temperatures arrive over the weekend.

For us this entails:

  1. Draining the garden water hoses, nozzles & wands and stowing all away until next year —not too tough
  2. Planting spring bulbs; which this year was an additonal 145 tulips, narcissus & iris+ 250 crocus & grape hyacinths —not bad, quite a few less than last year though
  3. Placing our 2018 order with David Austin Roses in UK— easy! 9 shrub & 8 climbers–plant them next April —okay this will take some work
  4. Fertilizing all the trees and shrubs for autumn/winter =hundreds of plants
  5. Transplanting/relocating lilies & other perennials =8 new locations–but this is done!
  6. Cutting back the last of the perennials –this is partially done —still a bit to do
  7. Raking & mulching leaves = this may take a while
  8. Chipping larger sticks & tree limbs, then spreading them in beds =this isn’t much fun
  9. Stocking the wood pile= usually means a backache and/or cold fingers
  10. Cleaning out the eaves once the leaves have quit falling–Pekka!!!

Well you get the idea! I’m sure you’ve got your own chores to do too. Did you plant spring bulbs this year?  What are you most looking forward to seeing pop up next spring?  I just planted some Fritillaria Meleagris for the first time. If you’re not familiar with them, they look like this

Fritillaria meleagris

I also have added more of our favorites including:

We are done adding trees, shrubs and other plants this year – we only visited a couple local nurseries despite their very tempting 70% off end-of-the-year sales. We decided to save money instead for purchases we make in Poland when we visit nurseries there next spring. We each have lists about a mile long of what we’d like to bring back!

Springtime is going to be a very busy time for us getting all of the new Polish tree & shrub purchases in the ground, plus the new roses that will also be arriving just after we get back.  At some point during all that hectic digging, we’ll also have to get the apple trees pruned.  After that, it’s on to fertilizing the rhododendrons & azaleas and tackling the other spring chores of pruning, de-winterizing, etc etc…and of course there’s the greenhouse goings on! WHEW! I hope I’m good and rested up!  Luckily, winter is coming!

Hockey season is in full swing and we enjoy watching the Winnipeg jets now that Patrik Laine is on the team! Very Exciting! But it seems it’s almost always hockey night at our house. Neither one of us ever get bored watching a good hockey game. 🙂

We’re still getting the occasional raindrop, sometimes it’s a drencher…the rain tallies are still being tabulated by the FMI. Reports should be close to -or record breaking, we’re waiting to get the full report at the end of the month.

But as I said a bit earlier, cold weather is coming – expected to be 0c (32F) and maybe even a little lower.. brrr. Luckily, I’m already in my long underwear!!  hahh

Greta is doing well. Happy for her daily romps outside to hunt the mice. When she isn’t terrorizing mice she can be found curled up in someone’s lap. Usually mine, but during hockey games, she finds Pekka and settles in for the night.



October. Somehow I always end up thinking about Octoberfest – one of these years I’m going to get to one of those enormously famous bier garten halls in München!!  Woot! YUM & FUN


Hopefully the rest of the month treats you well!  Let us know what you’re up to this autumn.

Until next time ❤ Vanha Talo Suomi!