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Hi, this is Pekka writing. I was asked to contribute to our blog, Kate has done all the writing so far.  I’m not really a writer like Kate, but here we go.

This is going to be set of blog posts about old trees that we have in our yard.

In the past most of the area was used to grow berries, potatoes etc. so all the old big trees are close to the border.

The biggest tree is an old spruce.  It’s so tall that I couldn’t get a picture from our yard. I had to go to farmer’s road to take a picture.



Actually there is a clump of 3 spruces grown into each other as seen in this picture:


I estimated that the biggest one is about 21m (69 feet) tall. I measured the trunk and it was 2.08m (6′ 10″) around.

This is all I had time to write until next time we introduce more older trees and after that all the new speciments that we have planted in two years.