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Hello from Finland!

Winter is slipping away here but no symptoms of spring fever 🙂

The snow is almost gone in our area and the landscape is quite stark and barren looking. This time of year the plants and trees look their worst. It will be some time yet before we see any leaves or bulbs emerging.  Our friends in North America and other parts of Europe will see that happening soon, if it hasn’t started already.  Friends in other places are seeing the last of their summer gardens in the southern hemisphere, and autumn weather has probably arrived by now in other places.

There’s plenty happening here with the home remodeling project. A post to bring everyone up to speed is forthcoming. During the month of February we reached the point of being 3/4 of the way ‘done.’ – at least in my humble opinion. 🙂

Today I’m sharing one of my gardening sources to my other gardening friends.  I appreciate the useful articles in every issue of Gardenista and their sister volume Remodelista possibly you will also find them useful.

In the recent issue of Gardenista there’s a very interesting piece about plant identification and lists tech apps available for use on your mobile device to help with plant identification and diagnosis of disease, etc. NatureGate goes a few steps further and offers assistance with bird, fish, and butterfly identification too.  There are 10 phone apps presented and each of them offers something useful.

Here’s an example:


Leafsnap Plant ID Above: From Top to Bottom, Edible Fig, Empress Tree, and English Elm.

I might be a tad partial to NatureGate because it’s developed here in Finland!  So glad I learned about this!! 😀 I know this app will be helpful and something I will use a lot.  This product is free for Iphone and Android. Now if only the developers made this for Nokia, it would be perfect. Luckily, it can still be used even without a phone! Check it out!!

Stay tuned for details about the house. I will try to put something together soon. The month is almost over can you believe it???

Until next time ❤