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Our trusses were delivered last Friday so you know what that means!

WP_20141003_011It was all rather exciting getting the delivery, which was late… but then we had to also wait for the crane operator who ferried the 5 trusses into place while Pete and his apprentice Lauri secured them in place.

WP_20141003_025That’s Lauri on the scaffolding, Pete is on the front side working. A great end to the week. Now things will kick up a notch, at least that’s the plan!

Yesterday was windy and cold so the guys had miserable conditions attaching the rain sheeting/underlayment. I emptied a trailer-full load of framing lumber which kept me out of trouble for a while. ๐Ÿ™‚


We are using Rankka Aluskate which is a heavyroof underlayment made โ€‹โ€‹of high strength HDPE. It provides good tensile strength and mechanical resistance to moisture. The upper surface is laminated to a separate waterproof polyethylene film, which creates a friction surface to improve safety.


Pekka is using SPUeristeet-SPUinsulation on the original roof attic space. You can read more about this product through the link or by clicking here. http://www.spu-insulation.fi/products/product/spu-attic/

This product is one of the best offered and is very expensive due to the fact that it saves space by performing better than insulation twice as thick. At 89 euros a sheet we have a lot invested in energy efficiency which is mandatory in the Finnish climate.

I was busy over the weekend applying OSMO topoil to the kitchen counter tops. I can attest that the product is easy to use and goes on well. I have read up on it even further and realize benefits of additional coats will bring even better results so that’s what I plan to do later today. It looks pretty good now, and should look even better with the extra coverage.

WP_20141003_031Another bit of progress: water! I’m thrilled to report that our kitchen faucet is now running ice cold water! Believe it or not, this past Friday the electrician finally got the grey water pump wired which allowed us to turn on the taps. The plumbers had already finished their bit of the work, but the electrician works to a different drummer and took 2 days to wire something that should have taken a couple hours. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

No hot water of course until we have the water heater installed and that’s a bit down the road – part of the new construction side of the house… I can say it’s great to be able to use the kitchen! Our first cooked meal using the new induction stove top produced a very hearty and delicious pot of chili. YUM!! Clean up was easy since I can now use the dishwasher!

Oh the joys of living with modern conveniences! โค

Sadly, our favorite lumber yard was bought out by Starkki so no more Puukeskus. Pekka was there during the final days and the place was a ghost town. I don’t like Starkki all that much, but what can you do. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ