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Welcome to another tale of Vanha Talo Suomi home improvement!

Once again it’s been a week to remember – or one you’d wish to forget. Consider this; the previous week it rained more than is customary for an entire month! It thundered, it got cold, it poured and poured. It was not a good time to be working on a construction project! But the show must go on…

WP_20140819_001Actually, Handyman Pete didn’t miss a beat and things have been slowly moving in the right direction. Last week a sub-floor was installed on the new addition, electric conduit, and plumbing was laid in too. Another course of blocks was added as well as the first layer of insulating foam from FinnFoam. 

WP_20140823_012In addition to the regular electric works, we’ll have floor heating in the new addition, which is actually fairly common here in Finland. It really does make a big difference on the tootsies come winter time and helps to ensure things remain dry.

These pictures were all taken Saturday and it’s surprisingly nice (right now) considering we’re still under threat of severe thunderstorms. The remaining photos are views from around the house as things look today.


a former shed and all the assorted parts

WP_20140823_013WP_20140823_015WP_20140823_007WP_20140823_008The terrace door I found on Tori.fi was installed on Thursday and it looks fabulous! I got the teak oil rubbed in and Pete finished setting the door into place. I think it looks wonderful! The outside is patterned – the inside is plain. All that’s left is the framing and trim. Have to do that to all the windows still too. That’s once I get them all scraped and sanded… :/  We selected a crown moulding/trim and that’s another bit to add to the list of things to do since it still has to be painted, then attached.











The flowers haven’t minded all the rain, although the lilies didn’t hold up too well. And, in a couple weeks I should be getting the remainder of my mail order plants for fall planting. I went a little nuts ordering some bulbs and tubers from a grower in Poland in addition to all the stuff I’d already ordered. I told Pekka our yard might look a lot like Holland this spring! It will sure be interesting to see how it all pans out!! 😀

The clouds have rolled in and the wind has picked up, the rain is back. ughhh 😦

Thank you for stopping by the Vanha Talo Suomi! Until next time …<3