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Finland experienced an extended period of unusually hot weather in July (Hellepäivä), it approached previous weather records from the 1970s that seemed unbeatable, and probably a lot more unbearable sans A/C. There were daily threats of forest fire due to hot, dry conditions, but all that seems quite a world away since the summer rains have quenched any threat of fire. Lately, we’ve been having drenching heavy rains that blow in either late afternoon, occur in the middle of the night, or start just as everyone is making their way to work. 🙂 It’s a lovely time if you’re a duck!

Construction has been ongoing despite the baking heat and the soggy conditions of heavy rains. Once the primary foundation blocks were set, secondary re-bar framing was placed and cement added to tie-in the remaining square meters of new space. After this area set-up, Pete topped with block, bringing both areas to the same height. If you’re wondering why we did these in two parts, it’s because the bedrock elevation slopes pretty dramatically downhill. This part in the photo is the front of house and the bedrock is much nearer the surface elevation than on the backside of the house. I’m sure there are other ways this could have been done, I’m not an authority (!) surprise! on laying cement foundations! haha 🙂 BTW this space will eventually be our sauna.

WP_20140807_001 (1)Pete is today getting some initial wood working started on this new construction project.

WP_20140813_001WP_20140813_002I might even get to help! The sun is trying to appear, but the temperature is still quite cool (+16) from this morning’s rainstorm.

Meanwhile, since yesterday the diggers have been here with slightly smaller equipment beginning the tie-in to the city water & sewage lines.

They started at the tie-in on the city portion first, and will make their way to the house over the next few days. Here’s how it’s looking so far.  They are today now filling this hole back up since the lines were connected late yesterday afternoon. They will have to tidy up here and then start making their way through this…WP_20140812_005WP_20140812_006I can now hear the sound of tree branches snapping as they work on the area behind the shed. If you look closely you can see the yellow of the backhoe in the standing of trees behind the shed which line the property edge…

WP_20140813_005And in the foreground of this picture is evidence of all the remaining bits and pieces awaiting another Peltomaa dumpster. I look forward to the day when dumspters and construction are a thing of the past 🙂

Until next time, have a beautiful day! ❤