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Hello from Vanha Talo Suomi!

June has been a quickly-passing, cold, wet month for us – it didn’t hold us back though from getting lots of things started. Some are nearly done, like the kitchen – still waiting on our kitchen sink which never made either delivery of our Epoq kitchen items from Gigantti, So we got everything BUT the kitchen sink! 😀 Because the sink hasn’t arrived yet, it puts the counter tops and the back splash on hold – which leaves the kitchen unfinished for another week 😦

Once Pete had the cabinets installed he was able to help Pekka with taking down the siding. They eventually got it down and topped off the Peltomaa skip just in time for the pick up, which also was a day later than scheduled. That seems to be a common theme lately. There were a few rain drops but nothing to shut things down.

Working just one side of the house at a time…once the old yellow siding was off, we added two layers of new EkoVilla insulation, which was then covered with new sheathing. Once that was all done we started putting up new stained siding.


new insulation added

sheathing installedWP_20140628_004

Yesterday felt like summer! The sun was out from 3:58 am until 22:54 it was wonderful and I stained so many boards I thought my arm would fall off. Pekka ran out of nails for the nail gun and was otherwise too tired to continue. There are a number of boards still to go to finish this side. We managed to get just past the lower window before running out of nails. I kept staining and now there’s a good supply of new siding ready to go.

The insulation we’re using is a green product called EkoVilla Levy. It’s a composite of wool and recycled papery bits.


Before I could stain the boards I was in the house, taping dry wall seams in the dining room, installing shelves in the kitchen cabinets and making sure we had clean clothes! I still have the ceilings to tape & can start the 2nd coat of mud now that the other parts are dry. My dad is sending  supplies to help with the taping… I think a 6inch taping knife designed for dry wall.. using a 3inch knife just isn’t getting it done, when that’s what you’re using for the whole job!

Had a nice surprise in the garden. A sole poppy opened and brightened a rather over-grown and weedy-looking part of the fence row.  I have three others that I bought this spring planted in another location. Once this one is spent, I will transplant it with the others 🙂

So here it is nearly noon on Sunday, and it’s raining again. Blah! At least we got 1 day of summer this June! I sure hope July brings some better weather.

WP_20140625_003More news to come and pictures of the kitchen, once everything is installed (waiting on the sink) I’m gonna give it my best and install the back splash myself. We decided on a ceramic-backed brushed aluminum tile.. solid pattern/metal in a 2×2 size mosaic.

😉 should be interesting. 1st time for me!

Have a nice day from Vanha Talo Suomi ❤