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Greetings friends!

I’m happy to inform you that our kitchen construction is on its second day and could be completely finished by the end of the week!

Once we finally received the delayed shipment from Gigantti, our Epoq designer kitchen cabinets could be assembled and installed. Thanks to Pete and his skills as a kitchen guy in a previous life, he knows the in and outs and has things going very smoothly.


This is how we planned it..Image

There’s also an island with cook-top..


and this is how it’s looking so far – 2 day’s in… Maybe all up by the end of the week! Pete is getting it done!


It’s been a little more active here this week. Yesterday we had the Peltomaa guys drop off another skip and it’s nearly full of trashed house parts and junk. Late today our Puukeskus order finally showed up.. it’s some insulation and wood for the new siding that’s going up soon.


As you can maybe tell from the photo above, the weather is still a bit dreary.. rained again today. What else is new!! 😦

Pekka already started tearing off some of the siding to top off the skip before Peltomaa comes back to pick up.


I feel sorry for those ferns! There was actually a lot of things growing in this whole area close to the house. Over time it collected a few things, and others were intentionally placed there. Unfortunately, most if not all of it will be lost – so I was busy ‘saving’ those that I could transplant to other areas around the yard. Some roses, assorted unknown perennials and some raspberry canes. The ferns still have a chance to get to another place before being trampled to death… I just have to get digging.

Discovered this while wandering out in the back forty…


No idea what they are – like about half the stuff growing in the yard! I’m photo-documenting them all in the hope of one day classifying and naming them. 🙂

Until next time…

❤ Vanha Talo Suomi