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I would like to start out by saying that so far today, it has rained and hailed while in other regions in Finland it snowed – yep that’s Finnish summer for ya! We’ve also been getting quite a bit of strong wind. Currently, the following weather warning is in place..

Uusimaa: By day severe thunderstorms can produce strong wind gusts, over 15 m/s. (Warning covers the next 24 h. It is based on the highest awareness level during the warning period.)

To sum up conditions, the Finnish Meteorological Institute issued their findings the other day. Have a look…


Countdown T-3 days until the start of Juhannus Day celebrations throughout Finland. If you’ve never heard of it.. take a look here.




We will be enjoying the longest day of the year in a couple days and partaking in parties and celebrations and generally drinking a lot of alcohol. Dancing, watching things burn and otherwise having a great time are mandatory! 🙂


Seems incredible since the weather is still quite spring-like. But with enough alcohol who cares!

All the best from Vanha Talo Suomi! ❤