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Okay, so the electrical crew was over on Tuesday to assess the situation and offer their advice and recommendations.But we don’t have power ATM, just a junction box outside. Now we’re waiting for the Fortum Electric company to transfer the meter and change to a three-phase system…We also had the project manager on-site for the 1st time. The Peltoma company also dropped off an empty dumpster for us to fill! 🙂 AND the local recycling center came by to sort through the junk pile and hauled off a van filled with odd bits and pieces. 


You could say Tuesday was a busy day!

The architect came by Wednesday to gather blueprints and take our building plans so he can draw up new designs. Hoping for the best but was left with some doubts when he said a terrace on the back of the house would look ugly…  :/

Today (Friday) we had the plumber and the chimney sweeper here. An interesting find by the sweeper – a cache of old documents dating from 1940s in one of the old barrel wood stoves… all of which pertain to the original owners of the house. Image

I ordered lighting for the dining room and kitchen today from a company in Germany. Can’t wait to get them! I think they’ll look fabulous!!! 



We’re waiting for Peltoma to return and pick up the filled dumpster, and leave us an empty one. We have lots more yet to get rid of.

The upstairs is almost down to the stud walls, only a few ceiling tiles and wallboard to take off. 


I found this newspaper tacked to the wall in the corner under the wallboard. The newspaper was placed on the wall in such a way as to have the lady’s eye peek out from behind the corner. Guess the builders had a good time working up there. 🙂

We found an old wooden box filled with forgotten junk. Inside was an old TeleFunKen antique radio along with 1955 Disney memorabilia. Pekka sold the radio and a horde of other items to some guy who showed up and wanted to pick through the junk pile… turns out the radio was probably worth a lot, and we didn’t know. oh well. It’s been a wild week!!

Later today we’re going to the Puukeskus (wood center) to buy wood stringers to attach to the ceiling joists so the electricians can wire the kitchen. Why are we having to attach stringers to the kitchen ceiling you ask??? Because, the walls are filled with sawdust which comprises the main insulation method of the entire house. If punctured, the cardboard “sleeve” (sandwiched between the studs and fascia), all the sawdust will pour out… from roof to ground floor there’s a “sleeve” filled with sawdust between each stud.The whole house has a sawdust buffer zone!

In order to have “modern” electric.. you know with the wiring BEHIND the wall, we have to create a pocket to avoid puncturing the sawdust sleeve. Thus, enter the use of stringers. I suggested routering a small groove in the fascia where the wiring could be tucked in to, but this idea was poo-pooed. Anyway, I always like a visit to the Puukeskus since they, like all hardware stores have a special place in my heart. ❤

And on a final note. Pekka said he wished we had a maple tree. So, I found a Mongolian Maple from catalog and it arrived this week and has already been planted. -We managed to drop the sidewall of our temporary -tarp-covered- shed right onto the tree sapling. OUCH. poor tree. It survived the mauling but will probably refuse to ever grow after this unfortunate man-handling. 😦 If it were to grow it would eventually look like this. I have my fingers crossed for luck!!


Tomorrow and Sunday, Pekka and I will be plenty busy getting the walls and ceiling ready for the electricians return visit next week. 

Thanks for checking in with us. Until next time, have a great day!

-Kate & Pekka!