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Greetings from Vanha Talo Suomi!

It’s been a busy week here.  While waiting to finalize the purchase of the new place, we managed to get some more yard work done. I raked quite a bit and Pekka removed the stump from the flower garden bed. Together we managed to clear leaves, fallen branches and at least a million sticks from some of the yard!

Combining a few perennials we already had with some new purchases, we planted up this small side area…


Can’t wait to see how it all looks once they really start growing! There are rhododendrons, poppy, delphinium, goldenrod, phlox, aster and a couple others in and around the whole of it.

Pekka was triumphant in his battle with the stump! Once he got it out, I planted a mix of dahlias in the space that remained and topped it off by planting a new cherry tree.Image



These wild flowering plants are growing throughout the yard… not sure what they are, but they are growing ‘willy-nilly’ everywhere. Unfortunately, many will be lost when the construction gets into full-swing. They’re cute aren’t they!

Getting some dirt delivered…


The temperatures here in southern Finland have lately been above average for this time of year, and today for example it reached 20c (mid 60s) – it’s great to be in shirt-sleeves! The days are still lengthening, (http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/astronomy.html?n=101) and with 15+ hours of daylight, it’s amazing to realize we haven’t even reached the longest days of summer yet! Still no leaves on the trees, but it won’t be long in these temperatures.

Things are going to get quite busy here soon – we’ve got lots of interior/exterior demolition to do, plus new construction plans to get started… stay-tuned!