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Hello from sizzling southern Finland!

Decided it was just too hot midday to continue doing yard chores. Taking a break to bring you up to speed with all that’s happening at Vanha Talo Suomi.

A delightful spring was followed pretty closely with ever-increasing temperatures which are presently topping the +30c mark on the thermometer. Records have been broken throughout Finland. Last weekend’s Juhannus (Midsummer) celebrations were a bit low-key this year due to the virus combined with hot & dry weather.  There weren’t bonfires this year because it was  much too dangerous to do so with the ground and grass being so dried out.  Most of the country has been under either grass fire or forest fire warnings/threats since May.  Lately, there’s also been a UV index warning to top things off!

Needless to say, I have been busy watering new items to give them the best chance of surviving.  The weirdly warm and nearly snow-less winter caused plenty of havoc, and especially upon a few rose varieties. I was forced to cut several all the way to the ground as the canes were completely destroyed by freezing temps. Had there been some snow insulation, everything would have been honkey-dorey. People everywhere suffered plant damages and losses.

The last couple of weeks have been sizzling hot, and with only one helping rain shower in the last 10 days things would be pretty dire if I wasn’t supplementing with the hose.  There is a chance for rain next week, and a first glance this morning said 45.7mm which is a &/%/ ton of rain.  I think it’s been downplayed since this morning to just regular amounts expected. We’ll see!  Following photos are of tulips and yard May 20th.

Things are looking a bit lush and jungle-like now! What a difference a month makes!!


This week has been show-stopping with an abundance of peony blooms – Every color under the rainbow (well, nearly!) We pumped up the collection size the last couple years and what a great investment. Most of my photos currently are of peonies!! I just love them. ❤

Some irises are blooming and several bush roses are going mad with blooms – look for yourself! The main flush of flowers hasn’t even happened yet!



Due to heat and lack of rain we were visited this year by several new and unfortunately harmful garden pests which, due to those two conditions, stayed on plants long enough to cause visible cosmetic damage.  I really don’t like to use sprays, and with the sun out every minute I’m awake, there hasn’t been a chance to use them anyway. Cloudy days we have not had!  I’m hoping some part of the FMI weather forecast proves correct and rain finally makes an entrance!

We still have a few pink poppies on the north-west side of the house. I took this short video this morning when I was out doing chores.

This bench is where I can often be found about 16:30 in the afternoon, by then the sun is behind some very large birch tress which provides a bit of shade. It’s wonderful to sit and relax, taking it all in.



I hope your weather has been kind and you are all staying safely tucked in to avoid virus complications. June is sizzling and it’s looking like it will be followed-up by another month of hot weather, at least according to the meteorologists.

Until next time – stay safe/stay home! ❤