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Caution you are entering a DROUGHT ZONE!

Hello Friends, I’m taking a moment to prepare this post which is the first since mid May – I haven’t had time to write ANYTHING, and even know I should be outside manning the garden hoses!

Finland is experiencing a DROUGHT! No rain in a very long time with extremely HOT record-breaking temperatures, long sun-filled days. Take a look at the crazy Finnish weather here.

You can imagine we’ve been concerned about maintaining our newly acquired trees & plants with enough moisture to survive; hopefully our efforts will be enough. So far so good.

My daily routine consists of manning garden hoses to get water to as many areas within each zone as I can each day. Picking up where I left off the previous day, working backwards usually stopping midday to start in on the other half of the garden, doing exactly the same within the range of that hose. It’s become a much harder job as our garden has grown. Not just because there are more items to water, but because now there are so many obstructions and objects the hose easily gets caught up on something while working to the furthest points which forces you to have to go back, straighten it all out, and of course there are tender items which need extra care to avoid damage. We do not have an irrigation system, I doubt ANYONE in Finland has one. Our usual rainfall in June is MUCH! It’s typical for June to be extremely wet & cool. But not THIS year! Record-breaking heat and NO rain. CRAZY!!!

As you can imagine, farmers throughout Finland are very concerned, as many crops such as wheat and barley are literally withering in the fields, stunted by lack of rain. Soil conditions are heavily PARCHED. See here.  Experts predict a yield 1/5 of the norm due to the drought.



We hesitated momentarily about acquiring more items at the Tahvoset open day event, but of course we expected June to come through like it always does and rain like every other year. Not so!

I wanted to give you an idea how large Tahvoset is, and they have a lovely website which I linked in the last post. Here is a great video they prepared which shows their entire operation. For those of you who are more involved with the wholesale & distribution of plants, the techniques are mostly universal – but it might be informative to see how another country is doing things! 🙂  You’ll easily be able to keep up with what is shown despite the video language being in Finnish. Please don’t let that deter you from viewing.

Tahvoset video https://youtu.be/Sn_l_hjkgkY

We enjoyed the open day and there was a great turnout. We loaded up one large trolley cart and a wheelbarrow with new items, which we then immediately planted once we returned home that day.



And here is where some of the items went once they got home!


I hadn’t seen this HORTENSIA ‘Hydrangea Macrophylla Bailday’ variety before – I really like it and think it will look especially lovely with the blue spruce conifer in this planting arrangement.  These are some of the large stones Pekka and I have been ‘harvesting’ from a discarded pile of field stones on the edge of our property. For over half a century, this pile of rocks had all but been forgotten, until we happened upon it. Aside from the usual small size rocks, there were some very large rocks weighing several hundred pounds.  We’ll get the bed edges sorted out and cover up that white weed barrier fabric at some point! I really love my new Stihl Kombi tool with the edger attachment!! Luckily it speeds up the job of edging our *current* 22 beds!

The cellarway step project has been completed. Pekka constructed a safe and practical step solution to a very awkward and steep cellarway problem!



After a long day of hauling stones, pulling weeds and preparing a bed – it’s time to relax!



Lots of various blooms and color throughout the garden. Here are some of our favorites.

With nearly 370 trees and bushes including 75 roses, there are an additional 140 different flowering plant items of all types; bulb, tuber & perennial growing now at Vanha Talo Suomi – you should probably take a look at our specimen list! It’s updated and includes ALL our present items. We’ve also added a Memorial Tree page – have a look. Click on the BLUE links to open the linked pages.

With Juhannus Day just around the corner, literally this weekend, we’d normally be kidding each other about it being a rain out, and being somewhat put out that Mother Nature didn’t see fit to give us a nice dry day to enjoy the biggest Finnish celebration of the summer.  This year though, EVERYONE is hoping for a rain out that lasts about a week!!

All the best to you! We hope you’re getting your fair share of sunny fun-filled days and a raindrop from time to time too 🙂

Until next time, ❤ Vanha Talo Suomi