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Vanha Talo Suomi

Hello from Vanha Talo Suomi!

Since I last posted, summer arrived! Yeah 🙂 …then it got cold. Beating 40 year old temperature records, southern Finland experienced a pretty chilly cold spell that lasted for about 10 days. Bringing with it not only unseasonably cold weather, it also rained quite a lot making it truly a miserable time.

We spent one week shuffling around the house while the electricians wired cabling throughout the downstairs. The electric guys have been arriving about once a week this past month or so, doing odd bits as they can. They wired up the sauna area with our main electric supply and this made it possible to have a hot shower. The plumber mounted a small water heater on the wall, and we also managed to get our washing machine situated in there also which makes for clean clothes! Yippee…

We moved out the last of…

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