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Wow! things are really changing here quick at Vanha Talo Suomi 🙂

We cleared the built-in closets and opened up the kitchen, took out a few door frames, and opened the space that was previously a bedroom so that it opens into the living room. Now there’s great flow throughout the first floor level between all the rooms.


Kitchen without the built-in cabinets!



Flow is created with the removal of the wall that divided an old bedroom next to the living room

         The former bedroom will become our dining room, and has a great view from the windows. I can imagine sitting at the dinner table already!









I started chipping the plaster off the back wall that the old cooking range was sitting up against. The brick underneath look a heck of a lot better than the plaster did. I felt like Michelangelo Buonarotti chiseling away at my masterpiece.. hahah! Well, it made for a helluva mess that’s for sure. Pekka said he’d heard of people using a wire brush on the bricks to scrape off the remaining white plaster. Have to give it a try.


Brick wall sans plaster



We were fortunate to have the help of Pekka’s brother Veli-Matti for a day and a half. It really made a difference having him there to help. He and Pekka managed to get the wood stoves out of the kitchen and the new dining room. Plus they made a few trips to the Rosk N’ Roll recycling center to dispose of trailers-full of discarded metals, electronics and demolition debris.


After a bowl of home-made ‘Yankee’ chili, Vellu left for the 3hr drive back to Nakkila. Pekka and I are enjoying a cold drink (Karhu for him, Dry apple cider for me) 🙂 …then it’s back to the house for some more work before ending the day with a relaxing sauna to soothe the ache of hard work.