Vanha Talo Suomi

House buying can be fun or it can be a nightmare. I can attest that we looked high and low for the right place and think we found it. Last Thursday Pekka paid for our dream & forever home! As you can see from the front page photo, that little yellow house has a lot of potential. I think it’s a diamond in the rough..that will one day really shine. Others might not have the stamina to see a project like this through…or even start one! 😀 That’s okay, both Pekka and I are determined to make it happen.

We were doing yard work at a house that wasn’t even ours – lucky that everything worked out like we’d planned! whew!! Now that we have the keys to place we could get in there and clean out the ‘left-behinds.’

Here’s a few pictures of the MLS house listing… including KITCHEN, LIVING…

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