Spent an entire day working on ‘Project Flower Garden’ today. I’m happy to report it was a success!  I wasn’t able to free the stump myself, it will take some extra strong hands 🙂  Otherwise the soil was turned and weeded out, the shape was defined and cleaned up. The space is now almost ready to set the plantings and bulbs.

I have an order of perennamulta, (Finnish for perennial soil) due to arrive later this week. I’d like to add some of that to the existing soil to encourage root development of all the items I’m placing in this new garden.

I have an assortment of lily bulbs (25), bleeding heart (white & pink varieties 3), and peonies (6) lined up and ready. Also on the way are numerous perennials so I can build a layered ever-blooming garden – This will be a great garden we can enjoy all growing season!Image